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Natural Abundance

Abundance Where You Live
Living Where You Are

Welcome to My Corner of the World

No matter where you live, it’s a crazy world at that, and getting crazier and crazier, but it’s important that we live where we are planted and become a necessary instrument of our neighborhood, whether that’s in a city, a suburb, a rural community, or out in the woods.

I believe with all my heart that we were created – specially designed by God – to live during these times. We are being given extra help as the days get worse, but we need to learn to listen for God’s voice.

God has generously given us an abundance of herbs that we can use in place of medications. After all, that’s where the pharmaceutical industry got its information on how to make meds. So now we can go directly to the original plant for our needs.

The following articles are not all-inclusive, merely introductive. If you keep looking, you will find a host of other helpful plants that grow around where you live. Remember, we are part of a biome, meaning that our bodies are used to where we live. The plants where you live will be far more helpful than an imported pill or herb, so if possible, use a local plant for your medical needs.

However, and this is my disclaimer, I am an herbalist, not your doctor. This is general information only, and while helpful, it will not take the place of a medical professional, such as your naturopath.

Anthocyanins… What?

Because they’re instrumental in boosting heart health, they help prevent hemorrhagic fever viruses, such as Marburg and Ebola.

The Street

How you live where you’ve been planted defines you.

The Dream of a Homestead and Other Desires

What I’ve always wanted is a place where I can live as independently as possible.

Facing the Unexpected

We live in uncertain times. How do we navigate them?

A Survivor’s Mindset

Then the storm began.  At first it was just a lot of thunder and lightning, and heavy rain.  The windshield wipers couldn’t keep up, so he slowed down.  But the fury of the storm increased.  He was finally traveling at five miles an hour, and still the wipers couldn’t keep up.  Lightning flashed about every other second.  Thunder punched the air with steel fists.

A Complete Protein

Eat well in spite of inflation.

November is Acorn Month

We are headed for some serious times. Not everyone will survive, but you can if you learn how to forage. And, yes, you can forage even in the winter.

Basic Dry Cereal

We all need to save on groceries. Why buy over-sugared packaged cereals when you can make a far healthier breakfast cereal yourself?

The Coming Famine

nline. If you need to landscape your property to hide your produce, then do so.

A FREE Book Just for You!

Heroes and betrayers, the honorable and the dishonorable, all become a part of the battle for the Homeland.

Addendum to “Hope for the Vaxxed”

From now on, your diet will need to include detoxifying foods.