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The Dream of a Homestead and Other Desires

What I’ve always wanted is a place where I can live as independently as possible.

My husband turned 80 in August. Also, we celebrated our 57th wedding anniversary this year. I am not dissatisfied with the life I’ve been given. We’ve raised three successful children who have seven children between them and watched a passel of great-grandchildren come into the mix.

We live in our own trailer in a park. Our place is on one of the larger lots, but although the trailer is ours, free and clear, we don’t own the land. That is my only disappointment.

Over the years I’ve learned various aspects of homesteading. Among other things, I’ve learned how to raise milk goats, how to grow a garden that supplies most of our fruits and vegetables, raised chickens and rabbits for eggs and meat, learned to tan hides, preserve food, weave baskets, and even grow and prepare our medicines.

But the land still isn’t ours. The owners of this park could sell to a corporation that manages hundreds of parks like ours. That happened to a trailer park in town. The residents all owned their own trailers. The new owners tripled the lot rent overnight, leaving some people unable to stay there. A number of residents had to abandon their homes and leave the community altogether. Were some of them forced into homelessness? It seems possible.

With how the world is changing, becoming more and more dangerous for ordinary folks like us, we really need ownership of a piece of property that has water. Our water supply is becoming scarce, due to the manufactured drought afflicting us.

A couple of weeks ago, I overheard a couple of friends questioning the reason for the airplanes that flew overhead, leaving trails of undefined vapor as they flew back and forth. It’s almost winter. The cloud-like trails can’t be for crop dusting.

We know the vaxx is poison. Was this an aerosolized version of the vaxx? An introduction of the spike protein, perhaps? Are they so determined to kill us that they would release a poison over our rural residences?

Do your best to stay healthy, friends. Those in control don’t want you in their world.

Most of all, stay in prayer. That is where we are the most powerful, when we pray over our enemies, using real power, such as forgiving them as we ask God to give our enemies the opportunity to repent and turn back to Him, such as claiming the land and political seats for Jesus’ followers, such as God sending them dreams and visions to show them who they really serve.

My husband and I may never get our dream of a homestead, but we know we were chosen by God to live in power and authority DURING these times. It won’t do to try to escape the coming chaos. The storms will get more and more furious. Look at the plagues in Egypt that God used to defeat every god the Egyptians held dear. He not only defeated their gods, He took the firstborn of every family, from livestock to people. Then He did one more thing – He destroyed Pharoah’s army while the Israelis escaped on dry ground.

God is taking back Planet Earth. Only those who repent, turn from their opposition to God and choose to follow Jesus instead will survive this.

We were designed to live forever spiritually. Where we spend our eternity is one choice that is entirely ours. Hell was never made for people. Choose wisely.

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