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The Coming Famine

nline. If you need to landscape your property to hide your produce, then do so.

“Do you really believe there will be a coming famine?” a friend asked me recently. “Why do you believe that?”

I really wish I’d had the time to answer her, because it’s a valid question. All I was able to say during our limited conversation was, “It’s political.”

And it is, but it’s also natural. We are going through some planetary and sun cyclic changes at the same time the politics are being played against us.

The Sun’s Cycle

Like the universe, the sun operates on cycles of higher and lower activity. There have been several grand solar minimum cycles in history when the sun produced less light, and therefore, less food production.

These cycles are natural and not due to our current politicized global warming cautions. Still, less sunlight means lower crop yields.

As an aside, CO2 is not our enemy. Plants breathe in CO2 (carbon dioxide) and exhale O2 (oxygen). CO2 is necessary for abundant plant life. Right now, Bill Gates is “harvesting” CO2 out of the atmosphere to eliminate this “poison.” Either he’s misinformed on the necessity of this natural molecule or he has his own agenda, but that’s another blog post.

As this cycle continues, the earth’s magnetic field will become more unstable. For example, the magnetic poles are in a wandering phase right now. This means that our jet streams are not being held in place as tightly as before. This affects our expected plant and harvest dates.

The grand solar minimum will also affect wind patterns and the size of hail.

For further information:

David DuByne in a news video interview on

More about David DuByne:

More information on the grand solar minimum go to

The Political Climate

The first thing Biden did when he came into office was stomp on natural gas production. Actually, his handlers did. Biden isn’t able to make such decisions anymore. Regardless, one result was a decrease in the manufacture of fertilizer.

Most people don’t realize that heating our homes with natural gas is only one product of this resource. The second, and maybe the most important product of harvesting natural gas is fertilizer.

Four billion people worldwide depend on fossil-fuel fertilizers to feed them. Otherwise, they starve. Russia is the number-one producer of these fertilizers. Our ability to manufacture fertilizers was cut short by the elimination of the natural gas pipeline. By  the government making sanctions against Russia, we will not be able to import it either.

The short story here is, there will be very little grain harvest this fall as well as other food in most of this country.

For further information:

Daniel Workman


Grow as much food yourself as you can. You can make your own natural fertilizers. The information is available online. If you need to landscape your property to hide your produce, then do so.

Buy and save as much food as you can. Don’t forget to hide it. This government is not stable. As people panic from low food availability, the government will try to take yours. You must not appear as if you have abundance. Lose weight and continue to wear your oversized clothing, or buy oversized clothing to make it appear that you have lost weight. Most important, store your food in hard-to-find places.

At the same time, be as generous as you can. People, unless they are armed mobs, are not your enemy. They are desperate. You can trade chores for food or buy items or services for food.

Later, we may need to establish open markets where we can trade for what we need, because at the same time, our dollar is collapsing. Be prepared.

If you have other solutions, please share them here by responding to I value your input.

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