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Grand Solar Minimum

Jet engines burn clean. There are no “vapor trails” that are expelled from them. If you see a stream of white following an aircraft, it has been manufactured to exist. It is not a natural part of the jet engine design. These expulsions are being used for various purposes, sun-dimming being only one.

The Dream of a Homestead and Other Desires

What I’ve always wanted is a place where I can live as independently as possible.

Planning is key

Facing the Unexpected

We live in uncertain times. How do we navigate them?

A Survivor’s Mindset

Then the storm began.  At first it was just a lot of thunder and lightning, and heavy rain.  The windshield wipers couldn’t keep up, so he slowed down.  But the fury of the storm increased.  He was finally traveling at five miles an hour, and still the wipers couldn’t keep up.  Lightning flashed about every other second.  Thunder punched the air with steel fists.

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Heroes and betrayers, the honorable and the dishonorable, all become a part of the battle for the Homeland.