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Steps of the Dance

Her father hid her to keep her safe from nefarious enemies who would use her for their own gain. Does he have the time to teach her how to stay alive?

A planet enslaved. A girl born to rescue them. An alien entity lusting to control her.

Born with unique abilities to save her people, Tadessa must learn all she can from her father. Because someday one of the alien entities will find her. Either she will be strong enough to defeat it, or it will possess her, and through her dominate the whole planet.

Snake teaches her a physical form of defense called the Dance. As she learns each step, he watches excel in her control the huge flow of energy coursing through her. He knows her greatest challenge will be to learn when to refrain from using it. Amazed with her talents, he realizes his special daughter will eventually be able to do anything required of her.

Such training takes years.

If one of the creatures gets to her first, it will control all her unique abilities, making her its slave, causing her to become the monster it desires.

Is there enough time?

Award-winning author, Patricia Renard Scholes, provides this raw and stunning novel filled with action from the very beginning. Don’t miss out on Exile of Snake, the first installment in the Alien Invasion Series – The Second Generation.