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Shattered Glass

One faction of the invaders resents her power. They insist she repent, or be destroyed.

A planet finally subdued by the invaders. The last rebellion being squashed. One woman stands in their way of total Nevian control.

K’arrala D’ey Sol, the heiress of His Eminence Prince Virol D’ey Sol, determines to maintain control of her Sector. But powerful political powers are just as determined to remove her.

A generation has passed. The Nevians finally own complete control of the planet they renamed Nevia II.  Except for one small area.

Nevian General Del A’nden loves K’arrala deeply, but he resents being ruled by a human.  He will do everything necessary to regain his position as the High Commissioner of this Sector, the position she stole from him last year.  He plans to woo her to his side, using her affection for him to change her mind.

But she knows the hope for all humans on this occupied planet of Nevia II depends upon her to remain in power. A’nden has already adopted her daughter away from her, and seems willing to use that as leverage to coerce her into abdicating her authority.

Furthermore, the other Sectors resent a human being in charge of a Nevian Sector. They are willing to abduct, torture, even kill her to end her rule.

If she succumbs to their threats, all humans will lose their one last voice, and she will be forced to forfeit her life.

Award-winning author, Patricia Renard Scholes, provides this raw and stunning novel filled with action from the very beginning. Don’t miss out on Exile of Snake, the first installment in the Alien Invasion Series – The Second Generation.