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Power in the Dance

If she fails to reign in her abilities, she will become a monster.

The girl is hidden because of her exceptional abilities while a nefarious evil intends to gain control of those abilities.

The small family’s goal is to protect her at all costs. Tadessa continues to grow in the power of the Dance, her one great weapon against the growing darkness.

What will it cost this family?

The abduction of her mother by an entity-infested brother?

The disappearance of her father, just when she needs him the most?

The false arrest of her aunt, her last remaining protector?

Who can she turn to when all her caregivers are gone?

She must learn to stay alive while avoiding the nearly invisible entities searching for her.

She is afraid of dying. But more, she fears she lacks the time to gain control over her inheritance before one of the creatures controls it for her.

Award-winning author, Patricia Renard Scholes, provides this raw and stunning novel filled with action from the very beginning. Don’t miss out on Exile of Snake, the first installment in the Alien Invasion Series – The Second Generation.