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Mama’s Medicines

Growing Your Backyard Apothecary

We need to learn, and very quickly, how to care for our medical needs. This world is getting progressively worse. If we wait until everything falls apart, there will be no time to learn.

But right now, we have a moment or two to learn to make our own meds. With that skill in hand, even after the SHTF, we can maintain our health. In fact, some may find that through learning these skills, we become healthier than we have ever been.

Make the Minimalist Health Kit, four infused oils you can take with you anywhere.

Find the best place to survive should your home be stolen.

Make dozens of herbal supplemental teas that can replace the meds you now take.

Discover the herbal tincture that will protect you from the spike protein that your vaccinated friends are shedding.

It only depends upon our willingness to learn how to use the bounty we’ve been given.

With the step-by-step instructions to address each plant’s benefits, we can care for ourselves and our loved ones. In fact, anyone can. This book makes it as easy as sipping a cup of tea.