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Healing Herbs from Your Kitchen

There are alternatives to Big Pharma. Patricia Renard Scholes became introduced to herbal medicine when told her about an article that said those who have been prescribed simvastatin, a generic statin drug used to treat high cholesterol, have a fifty-percent chance of developing Parkinson’s-like symptoms if they go off the drug.

This was the drug her doctors had prescribed for her. She became enraged. Why had her doctors poisoned her? Didn’t they know about alternatives that wouldn’t cause a debilitating illness with its use?

So she began to search for other ways to control her high cholesterol. What she discovered was that the drug companies couldn’t patent either whole foods or natural herbs.

But if they removed the active ingredient and synthesize it, they could patent it. Yes, there were alternatives, but they can’t make any money with them.

So now Ms. Scholes promotes herbal remedies. She insists people still see their doctors, but there are herbal remedies for many conditions, and she wants people to have more choices.

Patricia Renard Scholes is not a doctor. She does not prescribe any remedies, but has recipes available for people who have similar interests.