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Grow a Garden Inside this Winter

Be prepared for the coming food shortage with an indoor garden.

Things are changing quickly.

What if food is a little more expensive than they used to be? We can adjust to that. What if gas is a little higher than it used to be. We can deal with that. Right?

But there are signs that our food supply may be in danger. You may not be able to solve all this country’s problems, but you can grow a garden to supplement your diet.

No space? Grow your garden inside.

My suggestion is to find a plant you absolutely love to eat, and try to grow that inside.

Remember, tomatoes usually need far more sun than the average home provides unless you have special lighting. Asparagus needs a permanent bed, and isn’t ready for several years. Turmeric and ginger are huge plants. They take up lots of indoor space. Since you harvest the roots, you need several growing at the same time in order to harvest one.

The easiest plants to grow inside are herbs. Next are salad vegetables such as spinach, radishes and lettuce.

You can grow broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage inside, but they, also, require lots of space, although not as much as ginger and turmeric. Like onions, they also take a long time to grow.

All you need is a sunny window, a shelf and some pots.

I live in a trailer house. I have two large windows in my office, both of which I’ve place metal shelving racks, such as a baker’s rack. The place where the plants is not a plank shelf. It’s a wire mesh on one and wire bars on the other so that the sun can shine through the shelves between the pots.

This year I’m choosing lettuce, spinach, radishes onions and cabbages. I have room for the cabbages and time for the onions. Also, these plants can handle a cool room, unlike cucumbers and tomatoes. I could grow carrots, but this year I grew so many outside that I don’t really have room to store more.

I thought about growing some dwarf citrus, but I really don’t have the enough space.

The point of this article is, don’t let the coming food shortage catch you unaware. Gardening is one way to take charge of your life, no matter what the political issues.

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