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Exile of Snake

They abducted Snake’s wife to draw him into their deadly trap. But there were thousands of Blades and only one Snake. Would rescue mean his death?

They stole his wife to trap him. They stole his daughter to defeat him. Now they came to kill him.

His wife was pregnant when the Blades abducted her. Snake charged into the Area to rescue her, only to find that thousands of Blades waited for him. What could one man do against so many?

Everything had fallen apart when the Nevians arrived to conquer the whole planet. But they brought with them a host of nearly invisible wispy creatures that darkened the thoughts of everyone they touched. Indeed, one of the creatures actually dominated the leader of the Blades.

Physical enemies he could kill. But no weapons could damage these wispy creatures that seemed to be made of smoke. He needed to learn to maneuver around them, as the Nevians seemed to do. At the same time he needed to avoid the Blades and save his wife.

He wondered if his arms would ever hold his beloved again.

Award-winning author, Patricia Renard Scholes, provides this raw and stunning novel filled with action from the very beginning. Don’t miss out on Exile of Snake, the first installment in the Alien Invasion Series – The Second Generation.