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Affordable Editing

Work with an award-winning author. Your book will read like a “Best Seller” because it has been edited by one.

GENTLE Book Critique

More than just reading your book, we include a critique that tells you what you are doing right and what needs improvement.

Developmental Editing

This is an overview of your whole book, where your plot needs help, how to improve your characterization, dialogue, word usage to make your book its best.


Then we can finish with one last edit to catch typos, grammar issues, misspellings and other details, and at the same time, make sure your book leaves the impact you desire.

Price List

Choose what fits your needs

GENTLE Book Critique

A good place to start


Developmental Editing

Know where your book is going and how to get there

$.05 per word

Proof Reading

Once your book reaches this point, we do a last, detailed edit.

$.03 per word

Editing Package

Get all three services for one low price.

$.05 per word

Choose one selection to get your free article – Common Writing Mistakes.

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