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Grand Solar Minimum

Jet engines burn clean. There are no “vapor trails” that are expelled from them. If you see a stream of white following an aircraft, it has been manufactured to exist. It is not a natural part of the jet engine design. These expulsions are being used for various purposes, sun-dimming being only one.

The Dream of a Homestead and Other Desires

What I’ve always wanted is a place where I can live as independently as possible.

Planning is key

Facing the Unexpected

We live in uncertain times. How do we navigate them?

A Complete Protein

Eat well in spite of inflation.

November is Acorn Month

We are headed for some serious times. Not everyone will survive, but you can if you learn how to forage. And, yes, you can forage even in the winter.

Basic Dry Cereal

We all need to save on groceries. Why buy over-sugared packaged cereals when you can make a far healthier breakfast cereal yourself?

Anthocyanins… What?

Because they’re instrumental in boosting heart health, they help prevent hemorrhagic fever viruses, such as Marburg and Ebola.

The Coming Famine

nline. If you need to landscape your property to hide your produce, then do so.

Addendum to “Hope for the Vaxxed”

From now on, your diet will need to include detoxifying foods.

Hope for the Vaxxed

You got the shot and now you wished you hadn’t. What can you do?