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Addendum to “Hope for the Vaxxed”

From now on, your diet will need to include detoxifying foods.

Some facts before we begin:

According to the Bureau of Statistics, before THEY got to it and changed the facts (You may want to check the Statistics Bureau yourself.), the death toll in this country in 2017 was almost the same as in 2016. The death toll in 2018 was also very close to the 2016 level. In 2019 and 2020, when COVID came out, the death toll REMAINED THE SAME.

However, in 2021, when the shot came out, the death toll began to rise. We are now seeing a horrendous in deaths, especially among those who took the shot.

Is there any hope for those who are now awake (not Woke. There’s a difference.) and NOT want to die?

The simple answer is a resounding yes!

I’ve been looking into heavy metals detoxifying the ingredients and damage caused by the shot, finding pleasing results. Some of you are able to buy detoxifying solutions, drugs or compounds your naturopath might recommend. That’s excellent. As a matter of fact, it’s my hope that everyone who has taken the shot do a heavy-metals detox.

But right now, THEY are coming up with a “vax” that will be put in our food. I find that alarming. But I’m also praying that God keep us safe from their machinations and that He find us a way to protect us, even after the grid goes down.

The result is that your diet will need to include detoxifying foods and herbs.

  1. Cilantro – Grow some in your garden. Sprinkle it on everything. Put it in salads. Juice some with lemon, parsley, apple and cucumber for a lovely smoothie. It’s especially good for removing mercury from the body.
  1. Lemon – Lemons won’t grow up here in the mountains, so we include other fruits with high amounts of Vitamin C. It’s the C vitamin that is the key. We’ve also invested in some bottled lemon and lime juice. Just think, while you’re enjoying your morning lemon tea, you’re getting rid of lead in your body.
  1. Garlic – This probably isn’t a surprise. Garlic is my go-to herb for just about anything. It’s an anti-inflammatory as well as a very strong antibiotic. So why wouldn’t it support the body while it detoxifies? A person should make sure to get at least one fresh clove a day. Just chop it up and add it almost anywhere, or swallow it with a glass of water. Garlic is also an antioxidant making it vital for detoxification.
  1. Beets – I’m lucky. I love this root vegetable. The greens are great too. And we can grow them here in the Rockies! It includes necessary detoxifying enzymes, especially glutathione, which is important in your body’s defense against heavy metals.
  1. Turmeric – This herb is not just for curries. It’s good in Mediterranean dishes as well. I make a quinoa salad that uses turmeric. My family loves it. It’s great with both soups and rice dishes. I add it to my daily smoothie as well. It’s benefit? It heals damage to the liver caused by mercury. Just remember to add a pinch of pepper to boost its effectiveness, especially in the kidneys.
  1. Ginger – When I was young, I thought the only value ginger had was in pumpkin pie. Oh, was I wrong! I have some daily in my morning smoothie. Because it’s high in anti-inflammatory properties, it fights against free-radical damage caused by heavy metals.

There are more foods out there that support and heal the body from heavy metal and vax damage, but these are among the most powerful.

So, you took the shot because you didn’t know at the time that it wasn’t really a vaccine? Worry no more. You DO have remedies at your fingertips.

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