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About Me

Hey, you!

I’m Patricia. I’ve been in love with the written word long before I could read. When I finally learned to read, I discovered that ordinary people like me wrote the books I enjoyed so much. Really?
From that point on, I knew I wanted to be one of those people.

After years of trying, a couple of my short stories finally won awards. I was thrilled!

The Gladiator won a first place honorable mention in Green River Writers Contest.

End of Changing, one chapter in the book STORIES OF THE SURVIVORS, began my inspiration for my first series. It won second place fiction from Denver Woman’s Press Club.

You can find this story in your free book, Stories of the Survivors. Just follow the link.

After those awards, I took a hiatus into journalism for a few years. I worked for the Best Years Beacon, a local publication designed for people over 50. Through them I interviewed the most amazing people living right in our own backyard!

I think I learned more about writing during those years than I ever did playing with fiction.

But, to tell the truth, I still love my fiction. Below are the books in my dystopian science fiction series.

Then came the time when we moved to what was supposed to be our retirement home. We had been foster parents for years. The house we rented was large enough for us and our foster kids. But the time was coming that we simply no longer had the energy to care for these children. We couldn’t afford to buy the home we were renting, so we moved.

Our new community was far more expensive than we realized. During that time, the cost of gas zoomed upwards. Our car used fuel like it thought we were rich. The plumbing went out in our new home. Very soon, all our savings – and our financial cushion – was spent. We couldn’t even afford to go into town except once a week.

We did everything on that single day. We bought groceries, attended church, and whatever else needed doing. Unfortunately, our doctor’s office wasn’t open on Sundays. Since we could only afford to fill up the car once a month, we needed to stop seeing our physician.

We’re not young. Although that was about ten years ago, we weren’t young then either. I needed to find another way for us to stay healthy without our doctor, and quickly.

I began to research alternative medicine.

A whole new world opened up for us. We found many ways to stay healthy through “weeds” and plants in my garden with plant medicine. Some now call me an herbalist. Maybe I am, but what I learned, I also put into writing.

I wrote four books during that time.

Practical Herbal Information

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So Why Do Editing Too?

My heart is with Indie Authors. Most of the time, Indie Authors have too few resources, but they still have a story to tell. Their voices are important.

If you want to publish your story, you need two things, a great cover and an excellent editor. Then you too can stand professionally right alongside the bestsellers.

To take advantage of my editing services, please follow this link.