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A Retreat in the Mountains

Can we BE that retreat?

What Do You Want?

Me?  I want to pay off all my bills.  I want my business to succeed.  I want that place in the mountains, the retreat where people can regroup and rethink their lives.

I have always wanted these things, especially the last one.

Instead, I have a lot of stuff that doesn’t translate to money at all.  I wonder, if my stuff could talk, what it would say about me.  What story would your stuff say about you?

I’ve got to admit that a part of me is greedy and hungry.  I’m sometimes covetous, and selfish, insecure, mean-mouthy, angry and devious. And these things come out at the most inconvenient of times.

But through the Holy Spirit, I’m working on a new set of characteristics.  This project may not be completed in this life, but it doesn’t keep me from trying, and it certainly doesn’t keep God from working on my new character.

You see, I want that retreat in the mountains, where people can regroup and meet God, maybe not for the first time, but instrumentally for a lifetime. 

I want to be a person of peace.  I need that retreat.

And I need to share that retreat.

You see, we are living in Biblical times, THESE times. We were chosen for these times.  I want the story that I tell today to be something encouraging, faithful, loving, gracious, joyful, patient, uplifting, and based solidly on the Word of God.

And I want my stuff, the things in my possession and my money, to reflect that they are not mine to devour for myself.  They are meant to be shared as God’s blessing to others.

I wonder how I’m going to do that. Is being this way making my life, and the lives I encounter, BEING this retreat?

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