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Patricia Renard Scholes

Author Editor Herbalist

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Exile of Snake (books2read)

They nearly killed his wife. They abducted his daughter. Now they came for him.

In this first book of the Alien Invasion series, you run with Snake as he tries to find his beloved abducted by a vicious gang of Blades.

Exile of Snake (Amazon)


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Mama’s Medicines – Growing Your Backyard Apothecary (Amazon)

Even if the world falls apart, you need not fear. You can stay healthy in spite of viruses and other dangers. This book was written for you.

Bonus material includes

  • The Minimalist Health Kit
  • My COVID Protocol
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Because this world is getting worse, we need to learn, and very quickly, how to care for our medical needs.

  • Make the Minimalist Health Kit, four infused oils you can take with you anywhere.
  • Make dozens of herbal supplemental teas that can replace the meds you now take.
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Using step-by-step instructions, we can care for ourselves and our loved ones. This book makes it as easy as sipping a cup of tea.