Song of the Lorekeeper Series

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Lorekeeper of the Tapestry Series

Her Darkest Beauty

The alien entity hovered over the child.  This child held promise.  She possessed the essence of uncommon Talent, attractive to the creature.  To own such power!  To feed upon it and control it!  The urge to taste the child’s misery through the blaze of her Talent drew it close enough to be touched.  Although her grasp of Talent would have allowed her to see it floating right next to her, she did not.

It hovered around the devastated child in indecision.  It wanted to taste her trauma in its fullness, not sniff at the wisps of fear and sorrow that emanated from her thoughts.  It had not drunk full expressions of emotion in a very long time.  It usually ignored children.  This girl would need to reach adolescence before she could become a true predator.  Then, through her, she would experience life in all its darkest beauty.

Steps of the Dance

Tadessa stared at her father in confusion. How could a dance be a weapon?
But later, as a gang of Blades surrounded her, both parents and her aunt, she felt the amazing flow of power course through her. Her body responded in perfect balance. Out of the twenty or so who attacked, four lay dead, and those able to run fled for their lives.
Tadessa vomited on the ground. The carnage violated her to her very core. “I will never Dance again!” she shouted to her father.
“Yes, you will.” His sadness pierced her heart. “We, who have always been peaceful, must kill to defend ourselves. You, Child of My Heart, will not only Dance again, but will teach this form of defense.”
Provided she lived, of course, because not only Blades sought to keep her from reaching maturity, and fulfill her purpose.

Her Dark Inheritance

This very Talented child is in danger. A gang of Blades would use Tadessa for her ability to “fight like the wind.” Her Uncle Jem, her mother’s brother, would use her as leverage against her mother. But worst of all are the Zocassari – Those Who Should Not Exist – evil entities who would subvert her abilities and force her to serve them. So her father must keep her hidden in the Area, a slum of filth and danger, while he teaches her to stand on her own.

Karra, her mother, is also in danger. Her brother Jem has placed her, under the name of Laren, into her enemy’s home. Once High Commissioner Del A’nden finds out who she really is, he will kill her.

The forces against them are too strong and too numerous. They haven’t a chance to overcome them.

Or do they?

Willowbark Tea’s Self-Reliant Library


Back in 2008 when the housing market crashed, followed by the stock market, some of us wondered what we had lost in savings and investments. Others worried about their retirement income. Many lost more than investments and retirements. Many lost their jobs, then their homes … then their courage

There is another crash coming. Don’t be caught unprepared. Don’t be one of those who will wonder what to do when it’s all gone.

Your greatest asset will be your attitude and where you place your trust.




For thousands of years, people have used teas to keep them healthy. You literally can stop a cold in its tracks, kill intestinal parasites, relieve allergies, halt viruses, and prevent cancer, just with teas.

Learn what our ancestors already knew and used for themselves and their families.




Have you decided to add more herbs to your family’s diet, but you don’t know what to grow or how to grow it?

Did you know that anise will ease your baby’s colic, or that borage is excellent to strengthen the body after a convalescence? Calendula eases muscle spasms and California poppy is a natural analgesic. You’ll find ways to treat bruises, what herb works best to kill infections, which ones fight cancer, how to settle a cough or a sore throat. You’ll find teas that relax you, put you to sleep, and settle an upset stomach. You’ll find ways to keep your heart healthy and to address blood sugar, and much, much more.

Best of all you’ll also discover how to grow each one of these lovely herbs, and how to get healthy and stay healthy, naturally.

What do you have in your cupboards already that can be turned into a natural medicine?

Unable to see a doctor, Patricia Renard Scholes decided to find out hos to stay healthy, even so. She researched every spice in her kitchen, then researched other herbs and spices.

She shares her results with you, so that you, also, can remain healthy, no matter what unfortunate circumstances are thrown your way.



Bible Study

Jesus has been called a teacher, a wise man, a prophet. Some say he is Michael the Archangel in the flesh. Some believe he is a created being, the first born of many, and that men who live exemplary lives will inherit their owl worlds, just as Jesus did.

But who does Jesus say he is? Find out who Jesus is from his own words.





True History


Alfons Fredrick Renard is a survivor of the French and Algerian War in the 1840s. He originally wrote his memoirs in two volumes, but the were destroyed in a fire. He rewrote his history in 1881, a colorful, horrific, detailed account of being held as a prisoner of war by militant Muslims. The Third Jihad, as it was called the, was led by Abd al-Qadir, whom he met. During such a time, survival is never certain. Truly he would have died but for his exceptional will to live.