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Amazing Dystopian Fiction With a Taste of Magical Realism

About Me

More Than You Ever Wanted to Know

This is the picture you get when you buy a paperback. On the back cover you’ll get a tiny representation of me. The image is small because It’s taken from an old photo without enough pixels to make it larger. It’s more than ten years old. Be warned, when you meet me in person, if you ever do, I’m definitely older. Like fine wine, I like to think I’m also definitely better.

Short Bio

Patricia Renard Scholes lives in a mountain valley in western Colorado (USA), a great place for an author. Contact:

Medium Bio

Patricia Renard Scholes lives in a mountain valley in western Colorado (USA) with her husband of more than 50 years.. They have experienced several dystopian events, but they are survivors. She knows that most of us go through terrible times. It isn’t the times that define us, but how we grow through them. Feel free to contact her:

Long Bio

I live in a mountain valley in western Colorado (USA). My husband of over fifty years and I love this little corner of the world.

We have experienced several “dystopian” events, such as starvation when there was no work, and all the money needed to go to rent; a tornado that left us homeless; a series of financial misadventures that left us homeless again, where we lived in the mountains in the snow because the homeless shelters at that time did not accept families; and recently a forest fire that threatened our home.

We are survivors. There is little the world can throw at us that we cannot weather. We depend completely on the Lord to see us through, and he has never let us down.

Many people have gone through devastating events in their lives. So do my heroes. I put them in a potentially unsurvivable situation, and watch them see it through. So can you, my fellow Dystopians.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free. I respond to all emails. Contact:

Why Three Bios?

Just in case you’re a promoter, an interviewer or are looking for an engaging speaker, and you love what I write, I’m making it easy for you to choose the bio you want to include after my name.

But if, instead, you’re a survivor of a dystopian event, feel free to contact me with your story. I’d love to hear from you.