Aug 16

Willowbark Tea’s Self-Reliant Library

Have you decided to add more herbs to your family’s diet, but you don’t know what to grow or how to grow it?

Did you know that anise will ease your baby’s colic, or that borage is excellent to strengthen the body after a convalescence? Calendula eases muscle spasms and California poppy is a natural analgesic. You’ll find ways to treat bruises, what herb works best to kill infections, which ones fight cancer, how to settle a cough or a sore throat. You’ll find teas that relax you, put you to sleep, and settle an upset stomach. You’ll find ways to keep your heart healthy and to address blood sugar, and much, much more.

Best of all you’ll also discover how to grow each one of these lovely herbs, and how to get healthy and stay healthy, naturally.

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