Aug 16

Lorekeeper of the Tapestry Series 2

Steps of the Dance

Tadessa stared at her father in confusion. How could a dance be a weapon?
But later, as a gang of Blades surrounded her, both parents and her aunt, she felt the amazing flow of power course through her. Her body responded in perfect balance. Out of the twenty or so who attacked, four lay dead, and those able to run fled for their lives.
Tadessa vomited on the ground. The carnage violated her to her very core. “I will never Dance again!” she shouted to her father.
“Yes, you will.” His sadness pierced her heart. “We, who have always been peaceful, must kill to defend ourselves. You, Child of My Heart, will not only Dance again, but will teach this form of defense.”
Provided she lived, of course, because not only Blades sought to keep her from reaching maturity, and fulfill her purpose.

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