Aug 16

Lorekeeper of the Tapestry Series Book 1

Her Darkest Beauty

The alien entity hovered over the child.  This child held promise.  She possessed the essence of uncommon Talent, attractive to the creature.  To own such power!  To feed upon it and control it!  The urge to taste the child’s misery through the blaze of her Talent drew it close enough to be touched.  Although her grasp of Talent would have allowed her to see it floating right next to her, she did not.

It hovered around the devastated child in indecision.  It wanted to taste her trauma in its fullness, not sniff at the wisps of fear and sorrow that emanated from her thoughts.  It had not drunk full expressions of emotion in a very long time.  It usually ignored children.  This girl would need to reach adolescence before she could become a true predator.  Then, through her, she would experience life in all its darkest beauty.

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